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Hiya Gorgeous!

My name is Delina.

I’m just an average girl from Long Island, NY whose purpose unfolded through instability, crisis, stress, fear and living in the unknown. My life experiences shaped who I am today so that I can lead by example.

I believe that we all have a divine purpose in life to find, live and share. No matter your gender, no matter your ethnicity, no matter where or how you grew up, no matter what crazy shit showed up in your life – you’re on a journey of self-revelation towards living authentically with purpose.  And the quicker you can navigate from a place of truth, courage, inner peace, self-love, self-worth, gratitude, contribution- the faster you can experience it’s fulfillment.

Now ladies I’m not talking about the kind of fulfillment you get from buying a new pair of everyday black flats that look similar but slightly different to the pair of shoes you already have. No Ma’am! I’m talking about the fulfillment you feel from buying a pair of open toe red, lace up stilettos with rhinestones and a bow on the back. Im talking about a full body YES!

My passion is  to help people connect to their inner wisdom and inner strengths so that they navigate through life from a place of pure joy, inner peace, freedom and authenticity. To be comfortable in your own skin is liberating and my Wish for everyone!  I’m on fire for bringing big spiritual truths that make an immediate impact so that people can experience them, practice them and go out and live them.  What a difference life would be, if we moved out of our heads and into our hearts, sharing our powerful wisdom into the world.

Whether you’re a personal development junkie or still trying to figure yourself out and feeling lost and stuck in our rapidly-changing world, know that you’re at the right place, at the right time and I’m here to support you through your transformation.

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