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I’m so happy you found me.  The fact that you’ve landed on my website tells me you have been searching for answers, guidance and help in regards to the current state of your business.  For a place you can call your own.  For a person who understands the journey you’ve been on in your professional life.

I know this because I’ve been there, too.  I’ve been where you are now, lost within my own life, desperately searching the internet for answers.  I’m here to tell you that I’ve made it to the other side–and designed my life on my terms to help more people like you do the same.

Whether you’re a personal development fanatic, business owner, or someone who feels lost and stuck without a sense of purpose in our rapidly-changing world, know that you’re at the right place, at the right time and this website is here to help you.

I’m here to help you:

  • Overcome your feelings of confusion around what you’re passionate about, and what you want out of life.

  • Remove the insecurities and negative self-talk that are holding you back from realizing your dreams.

  • Dig into the root of what’s causing you angst, anger, depression, anxiety…and expel it all from your life.

  • No more will you feel as if you’re walking around on eggshells, never knowing when you’re going to snap.

  • No more will feel at the mercy of the world, with your days and weeks being outside of your control.

  • No more will you feel lost, stuck, helpless, worthless, not enough and without a clear sense of purpose to guide you.


About Delina

I’m confident in my ability to help you… because I’ve been there myself.

I’ve suffered through years of working in a vocation that was supposed to fill my heart, and bring me gratification but instead left me feeling depleted and unhappy.

Everyday for 16 years I went to work betraying my heart by working in a profession I lacked passion for but gave me the recognition and ego-boost I needed. Unfortunately, at the time, my self-worth and self-esteem was closely tied to my profession and all the committed years of education it took me to get there.

As a Physician Assistant in the emergency room saving lives made me feel important and rewarded me everyday with praise and purpose.  Plus, not only did it make me feel significant, but it also provided me with a secure, stable job and salary that afforded my lifestyle.

My dream house in Adirondacks, NY, a BMW, a side vacation rental business, and a boyfriend. What more can a girl from Long Island ask for?

Yet, in spite of all the great “things” I had in my life… I felt:

  • Frustrated with never, ever feeling satisfied with my life.

  • Tired of betraying my heart and not following a career path that I was passionate about.

  • Stressed to the nines living to meet others’ expectations

  • Anxious about the unknown and what on earth I could possibly do to change things.

  • Unmotivated to actually take the first step and change anything.

  • Overwhelmed with the raw cascade of emotions pouring over me, day after day.

  • Depressed…because I had no clue what I was doing with my life, after devoting 23 years of my life towards becoming the very thing that was dragging me so far down into the mud.

And painfully, horribly confused.

I’ve dragged myself through it all, and I’ve come out the other side.

I’ve come out radiating with love and light, ecstatic about the direction of my life, and overjoyed of all that I have.

All of which came from taking the leap, laying down my physician’s tools, and choosing to walk a path of purpose, passion, and love.

Along the way, I’ve learned that true happiness and gratification comes from letting go and giving yourself permission to embrace into love and passion, while living each moment with presence and purpose.

Fast forward to today…and I’m crystal-clear on the fact that my purpose is to speak my inner truth loud and proud, allow my purpose to flow through me, and share my gifts with the world.

In essence: my mission is to wake people up to what they’re capable of, and bring global awareness to the world at large.

I’d be honoured to have you join me!


Florida State University
Dowling College
Bachelor of Arts in Biology, 1996

Seton Hall University
Master of Science in Physician Assistant, 1999

Fowler Wainwright International
Robbins Research International
CPC Coaching Certification, 2011


Certified Physician Assistant, PA-C

Certified Professional Coach, CPC

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

#1 Amazon Best-Selling Author of PURPOSE NOW series

Founder of HAPPY NOTES


Grand View Escapes, LLC

Purpose Now, LLC

AP Mastermind, LLC

Red Balloon, LLC

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