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Happy Notes

Inspirational Notes To Create More Happiness In Your Life!

Happy Notes are daily notes containing short, powerful messages meant to elevate your mood and improve your mindset so that you feel inspired, motivated and energized. You’ll be able to read them in half the time it takes the water to boil for your morning coffee or tea. But the message will be strong enough to last with you throughout the day. Read one note daily for 90-days to transform your mindset from scarcity to abundance; fear to love; pessimism to optimism.

Makes for a great coffee table book and thoughtful gift.

The Choice

Stories Of Life, Love, And Learning!

Twelve stories of ordinary people choosing extraordinary lives.

What is the one thing that changes our lives immediately, forever, and is under our complete control? The choices we make, but we are often not aware we are making them. Read these twelve stories by ordinary people who make choices leading to extraordinary lives, and never be the same again.


8 Steps to Find Your True Purpose

Your Guide To Living An Empowered Life!

You might be seeking who you really are, what you’re meant for, or what your purpose is in life.

This book is for you if you’re a seeker of personal development and spiritual growth, and ready to find, live and share a purpose driven life.

This book is a step-by-step guide and a practical tool on how to align with your higher self and make decisions from being empowered. Reading this book is a spiritual journey of self-permission and self-love that results in more clarity, authenticity, personal strength and freedom.


Who Is This Sex For Anyways?

How to Find Purpose, Intimacy & Passion in Your Relationship!

In order to be at ease within ourselves and within our relationships, we need to understand the fundamentals that support a healthy relationship. Some of this involves un-learning what we’ve been told about defines us. This book speaks about masculine and feminine energy and how societal changes have strongly influenced our romantic relationships by creating a reverse polarity with masculine females and feminine males.  This current societal trend and incorrect energy polarity threatens relationships that are loving but not passionate.

In this book, Delina shares the fundamentals to reconnecting to your core masculine or feminine energy and how to recreate a playful, passionate and fulfilling relationship.


Are We Friends Or Acquaintances?

Discovering Your Purpose with People!

What is your purpose with the people you come across in your day to day life?

We meet dozens of people in our weekly routines. Employed, unemployed or self-employed, a lot of us have Facebook friends, phone contacts, spouses and children we interact with every day. People. Souls. Hearts. In varying frequencies, all these people pass in and out of our lives. And for what purpose?


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