Accountablity for success (part 2)

Here is video 2/2 on accountability for success. Accountability is always required to achieve goals, but how much self accountability do you have to drive yourself to the outcome? This is important to identify so that you have the awareness of how an accountability partner can make up the difference. In this video, I

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How do you know?

How do you know if you're on the right path in life? This video gives you the questions to ask yourself in order to find out.

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How I did it

A common question asked to me is - How did you become a Life Coach? Well that is a good question. Here is my answer.

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Transformation made easy!

Here is a video that removes the fluff and makes transformation easy to understand and achieve. Life is not meant to be hard, neither is your transformation!

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Wealthy Thoughts

Tune into Wealthy Thoughts with Richard Levy as Coach Delina, a Certified Life Coach and Peak Performance Results Coach with Anthony Robbins, tells you how to find your path to prosperity.

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