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You went to school. You found a job. You make a good living. You have accomplished great things and considered successful “on paper”. You feel as if you’ve finally arrived. Except you realize that “you’ve arrived” with things, not with happiness.  And you’ve learned that success alone without happiness feels like failure. You’re tired of “going through the motions” and playing small. You know you’re meant for more and now ready to start giving more of yourself, so now you’re seeking more fulfillment and purpose in life. You might be contemplating what to do when you grow up. You want someone to give you the wisdom, clarity and solutions in a way that’s simple and relatable, as if you were talking to a friend over lunch.  You’re open, willing, and ready to invest the time, money and energy into yourself and your business. Well…I’m so glad you found me! What a relief. I can’t wait to help you start believing in yourself and give you peace of mind again.


          Living your purpose doesn’t mean giving up your lifestyle, it means being in alignment with who you really are and doing what you value most.  As a physician assistant, I’m in the business of healing wounds and saving lives.  As a life coach, I’m also in the business of healing wounds and saving lives.  It doesn’t matter what you do for a living or what role you play, what matters most is that your environment provides a platform to support who you really are, so you can easily radiate your life purpose.”

– Delina Fajardo

Work With Delina

And Create: 

Your Twelve Month Business Goals And Plan


An Innovation & Marketing Plan that Delivers More Value then the Competition


Systems and Processes to Optimize & Maximize Workflow from Business Operator to Business Owner


A Raving Fan Culture


I came to Delina to grow my business. She changed my life. If you are thinking about getting a coach, stop thinking. Call Delina now. Best decision I’ve ever made.

Ben Spears, Spear Chiropractic

I’ve achieved more with Delina over the past six weeks than I have in the past six years. Which is kind of expected, because she came highly recommended and that is why I hired her.

Cat Townsend, FeelGoodNetwork

Coaching with Delina is taking a journey of inspiration, affirmation and determination with a companion by your side that is encouraging, guiding and supporting every step of the way.

Jane Else

Delina’s coaching style is graceful, gentle and very direct to help me get to the heart of the matter with many, many, many important changes.

Meredith Friend

Working with Delina as a coach is like working with someone who can see directly into you. Her laser focus allows her to ask the exact questions to allow you to see into your own blind spots, and thus be able to shift and grow.

Farah Jamani Pencharz

Delina has helped me raise my life and my internal well being to a whole new level!! I have found the love of my life!!!! I have gotten rid of anxiety and fears to be the real ME!

Lorena Montes



 30-minute Meet and Greet to connect and learn more about each other.  In this session we will diagnose the challenges and see how we can work together to resolve it. This is the time to ask as many questions as you need to make sure you understand the overall plan.




(Onsite or Online)

  • 60-minute Discovery Meeting to Identify the obstacles that are preventing and holding you back, such as your limiting beliefs, fears, poor operating systems, bad rituals/habits, poor organization, bad time management. Create a personal and business vision blueprint. Traction assignment. 
  • 60-minute Strategy Meeting to provide tools and Strategies to resolve the challenges and obstacles identified.
  • 60-minute Implementation Meeting to provide an Implementation plan with 3, 6, 12-month targets, quarterly and monthly action steps, new supporting habits/rituals.  Coaching through any existing limiting beliefs and fears. 



  • 15 Online Accountability Sessions to monitor your progress and results.
  • Overcoming existing or new problems that prevent your desired results.
  • Building Confidence, Powerful IdentitySuccess Mindset.

Are You Clear On Your Core Message?

This worksheet provides three questions that will help you get clarity on a core message, so you can talk about your business in a simple, relatable way that will inspire people to learn more and support you.

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